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Family Funday Fundraiser For Website

 Come Join Us at The Islamic Center of America
for this Fun Day Fundraiser


Mission Statement of the Islamic Center of America

The mission of the Islamic Center of America is to provide the facilities and the means, to the best of its ability, that will allow the Muslims, regardless of race, gender or nationality, to worship Allaah alone without ascribing partners in worship with Him by learning, practicing and calling to pure Islam all together in unity, without partisanship or division, based on the Qur’an and the authentic Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him, with the understanding and the agreed upon practices of our Righteous Predecessors from among the first three outstanding generations and those that follow them with correct belief and the performance of good deeds.

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Family Event and Fundraiser

 Family Event and Fundraiser   Saturday May 14, 2016 Time: 1:30 pm until 8:00 pm Bouncy Houses, Games, Popcorn and More!!! Dinner & Snacks will be Sold. Bouncy Houses: Only$ 5 per child.

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Imam’s Classes in the Masjid

Classes in the Masjid The Book of As-Saum (The Fasting) From Saheeh Bukharee : Volume: 3, Book #30 Sundays After Asr Etiquettes Of The Memorizers of the Qur’aan By Mustafaa ibn Al-‘Adawee  Tuesdays After Maghrib

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Our Soup Kitchen Needs Volunteers and Supplies

Click this button to donate specifically to the soup kitchen. Dear Prospective Contributors RE: Donations for our “Soup Kitchen” The Islamic Center of America is an established nonprofit religious organization tax ID #222431105. Our religious institution has embarked on a mission to serve the surrounding communities by preparing a meal, as well as distributing non-perishable …

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