Physical Description and Amenities

Masjidu Ahlis Sunnah Portion

19,000 Sq. Ft. Masjid Prayer Area
4 Administrative Offices

  • Main Office
  • Imam’s Office
  • Financial Office
  • Operations Manager’s Office

Imam’s Library; has over 5,000 Arabic/Islamic Books
Da’wah/Printing/Publishing Room
Two Bedrooms Guest Apartment
Women’s Workout Room
1,050 Sq. Ft. Men’s Weight Room
4,940 Sq. Ft. Men’s Lounge/Multipurpose Area

1,500 Sq. Ft. Women’s Lounge/Multipurpose Area
Men’s Islamic Bookstore
Women’s Islamic Bookstore
Food Pantry
2 Men’s Wudoo Rooms (22 Wudoo Stations and 12 Stalls)
1 Women’s Wudoo Rooms (5 Wudoo Stations and 1 Shower)
Conference Room with 30 Ft. Conference Table (Seats 26)
Information Technology Room
Sound Room
Janaazah Room for Washing and Shrouding the Muslims

Madrasatu Ahlis Sunnah Portion

25,000 Sq. Ft. Classroom/Learning Area
21 Classrooms
4 Administrative Offices

  • Main Office
  • Principal’s Office
  • Financial Office
  • Nurse’s Office

2 Girls Restrooms
1 Boys Restroom
1 Women’s Teachers’ Restroom
1 Men’s Teachers’ Restroom
1 Women’s Teachers’ Lounge
1 Men’s Teachers’ Lounge
3,800 Sq. Ft. Multi-Purpose Room: Gym/Auditorium/School Cafeteria
State of the Art Professional Kitchen
Computer Lab
Special Needs Development Classroom
Nurse’s Office
Security Booth