Biography of Mudeer (Principal) Qamarudin Hosein

The Mudeer (Principal) was born in Port-of-Spain, in Trinidad and Tobago. He attended Aranguez Islamia T.I.A elementary school .He   graduated in 1998 from Queens Royal College. He completed his Pre College Studies at Barataria Senior Secondary School in 1989. In fall 1989, he attended the University of the West Indies where he studied   Chemical Engineering. He also attended the School of Accounting in 1991 to study Business Management and Business Studies. In November 1993, he was accepted in the University of Medina which he attended and completed 1 year of Arabic language along with other Islamic courses.

In 1994 he came to the United States and began teaching at The Islamic Day School on William Street in Orange N.J.  He was the Science teacher for 7th- 12th grade and also helped to conduct the Summer School program.  While teaching at the school, in 2004, he began working at AT&T at nights.  He resigned from AT&T in 2008 to be a full-time administrator at Madrasatu Ahlus Sunnah. Since 2009, he has been the principal of Ahlus Sunnah School.
He is dedicated to educating our Muslim students and also ensuring that Islamic knowledge is delivered to all students at our school. Principal Qamarudin Hosein has been at our institution over 17 years.  With the assistance of his staff, parents, student and community, he is ready to make Madrasatu Ahlis Sunnah one of the best in the United States.