Getting-out-of-Islam-what-we-put-into-it-Friday, Saturday and Sunday January 16, 17 & 18, 2015

Friday Al-Jumu’ah 01/16/15

12:00 Noon Tour: Islamic Center of America
KhutbahChastity: An Endangered Entity in Current Times – Imam Shadeed
Maghrib Lecture: Loyalty to The Mission of Establishing Communities – Imam Shadeed


Saturday 01/17/15

Fajr –  Having Husnul Thun (good thoughts) about Allah – Imam Shadeed
Thuhr Meet the Speakers Interviews
Maghrib Lectures:
Husnul Thun (good Opinion) of your Muslim Brother – Imam Shadeed
As You Deal, So Shall You Be Dealt With – Imam Abu Zahirah Smith

Sunday 01/18/15
Fajr – Worship Allaah and Do Not Worship Your Desires – Imam Abu Zahirah Smith